My life in pictures: 365 Days, 365 Photographs

Okay, so I’m a few days late… but I guess it is never too late to start a blog. This is my first blog ever and I am proud to express my excitement for this new technological step I have taken.

I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Tania, friends call me Tania. I am a 26-year-old South African girl, currently living in Pietermaritzburg and working as a receptionist for a veterinary clinic. I received my Masters in Fine Arts in March last year and have thus far been unsuccessful in my search for greener, more creative pastures. I am a passionate photographer but since I left varsity almost a year ago, I have been taking less and less photographs. This lack of motivation is what inspired me to do this blog and force myself to take photos. 

 Today I will start a challenge. Each day I will take a photo of my daily activities or something interesting or beautiful that I see along the way. Since it is already the 6th of January, my challenge will end on 6 January 2012.

365 days, 365 photos.

My first photograph will be posted tonight. Wish me luck!


About Tania Kuhl

Artist, writer, photographer, wildlife fanatic, film fanatic and the occasional tequila drinker. View all posts by Tania Kuhl

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