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Farewell August














Fun with effects








I’ve been experimenting with some of the Photoshop tools that I always overlook. I’ve added a radial blur to this dandelion to enhance the focal point.

King Solomon

Brown-hooded kingfisher











This is our resident Brown-hooded Kingfisher, King Solomon, that hangs around our garden with his lady friend, Queen Latifah. I’ve been trying to photograph King Solomon for weeks now but every time I attempt to get closer, he flies away. Today I had enough time to change lenses and spend some time watching him, waiting to get a photo in flight. Unfortunately, instead of flying up, Solomon flew down to the ground to catch something. I missed the action. Next time…

Get him up against the wall

Black and white house









Flapjacks in black and white

Food photography









Golden Days












Don’t you just love Friday afternoons?

The Day of the Yellow Umbrella

Yellow Umbrella








I have been looking for a yellow umbrella for ages and today I finally found one! Here it is in all its glorious yellowness. Hope it rains soon…