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Artist, writer, photographer, wildlife fanatic, film fanatic and the occasional tequila drinker.

Splashy Fen 2012

Here are some photos from this year’s Splashy Fen music festival.









Lion & Rhino Park, Johannesburg

















Stork parties and the irrelevance of shoes









It is that time of my life where I’ve moved from attending 18th and 21st birthday parties to buying gifts for stork parties and weddings. I attended a stork party on Sunday and found myself wandering around a construction site taking photos of everything but the party…

Scottsburgh Beach



























365 photos








So, what can I say… a photo every day for an entire year – now what? Fortunately I am a sentimental person and I’ve grown attached to this blog which means it doesn’t end here. Life in Pictures will continue as my photographic showcase. Although I won’t be taking a photo every day, I’ll challenge myself in other ways (like having weekly themes). I’d like to thank all my subscribers for your ongoing support – hope you’ll continue to enjoy this blog!

Thank you!


Yellow Summer

Yellow summer

Things in dusty bottles

Old dusty bottles