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Lion & Rhino Park, Johannesburg


















Pink is the new cat










Cat in a wheel barrow…


Close-up of a derranged feline

Crazy cat








Diary of an internetless girl, day 9: I find myself growing more and more detached from the world. No Facebook invites, no emails from the Cheezeburger Network,  no random pictures of cute animals. The time between internet usage is getting longer and I find myself adapting to this new lifestyle. I actually spent a good hour outside today, unfortunately 36 degrees isn’t a welcoming number. Telkom’s vague responses to this disaster is working on the little nerves I have left. Not cool, Telkom. Not cool.

Ducky Piggy Bank

Ceramic duck coin bank

When friends get kittens



African Leopard








We were lucky enough to spot a few leopards in the Kruger National Park.