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Good morning December…

Flying ants in water











I found hundreds of flying ants floating in my pool this morning… my first thought was to photograph them.


The Caterpillar


I found this little guy outside my door… I have named him Steve. I’ve tried to identify Steve but I’ve discovered that there are endless varieties of caterpillars and therefor my quest has come to an abrupt end. Does anyone have any idea what Steve is?

Like Moths to a Light

Moths on Light

The Locust Without a Name


This locust was “frolicking” in our garden. I was trying to identify it online but I haven’t had much luck… can anyone tell me what type of locust it is? You’ll get 10 points if you can identify it 🙂

A gathering of small creatures on the window

For some reason all the neighbourhood locusts decided to gather on my window. Normally I would freak out and scream like a little girl but today I decided to photograph their congregation. It might not make an award winning photo, but it documents something interesting that happened in my day 🙂