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To Leonard Cohen

Birds on a wire


King Solomon

Brown-hooded kingfisher











This is our resident Brown-hooded Kingfisher, King Solomon, that hangs around our garden with his lady friend, Queen Latifah. I’ve been trying to photograph King Solomon for weeks now but every time I attempt to get closer, he flies away. Today I had enough time to change lenses and spend some time watching him, waiting to get a photo in flight. Unfortunately, instead of flying up, Solomon flew down to the ground to catch something. I missed the action. Next time…

Swan Lake in real life


This was taken at St Ives in the Midlands. It was a stunning day for photos 🙂

Majestic hadedas

Hadedas flying



Poem for a Vulture


They stalk the night

Like undertakers in flight

They spread their wings

As the smell of carrion sings

Through the air like death serenading

The dawn of a brutal nature

Majestically ruffled

Their call ominously muffled

As they spread their wings like

Mountains across the plains

Major Tom

African Grey

This is our African Grey Parrot, Major Tom AKA Tom.