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A Groovy Kind of Blue

Blue scarf


Accidentally blue…

Plastic cup








I was digging through boxes in the garage to find something interesting to photograph when this plastic blue cup fell on the floor. I took a photo of it just as it was.


Heart necklace

In the winter…


The Magic of Water

Glass of Water

A glass of water and a drop of red food colouring!

The Greatness of Coffee

cup of coffee

Isn’t coffee wonderful?

The Car Guard’s Bicycle

bicycle against blue backdrop

I was in town with my parents today and I saw this bicycle leaning against the striking blue wall. I was rather annoyed when I realised I didn’t have my camera with me but my dad’s Blackberry saved the day (after I figured out how to use the camera on it). Once again I’ve learnt a valuable lesson, never leave your camera at home!