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Rescue for a Rescue

N3 Highway







So, last night was one of those nights where things kept going wrong. I wouldn’t call it an epic fail though… an adventure rather. Heading out to save a friend whose car overheated on the N3 highway, sorting it out and then realising your own car battery is flat… At least I had my camera with me while we were sititng in the cold Midlands rain.



VW Beetle

This is an ode to my first car, “Blommie”. A yellow VW Beetle with flowers on ūüôā

Old Dodge

Old Car

Today we went to “Cars in the Park” which is held anually in Pietermaritzburg. The exhibit consists of hundreds of cars, old and new, parked in Alexander Park for owners to show off their babies and for car enthusiasts to¬†¬†drool over the buffed beauties. This old Dodge was one of my¬†personal ¬†favourites.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz