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The shoes I wore last night

high heels


Red scarf on the garage floor

Red cloth

Self portrait number two


Yes, I love my pink shoes. They make me happy. I placed my camera on the floor and set it on a timer, hoping for the best. Voila!

Self portrait


Time to experiment


I’m very happy with the way¬†this experiment¬†turned out. I put a sheet of glass on top of a lamp, draped a red scarf over it and placed a pair of sunglasses on top. As I was taking the photo I zoomed out, creating a “smudge” effect.



Today is sort-out-my-mess-of-a-cupboard day and as I was laying my clothes out on the bed, I remembered something I saw on the internet… clothes arranged into a number or letter. So, instead of folding my clothes and putting them in the right place, I arranged them in a 10, for the 10th of March. I guess I should stop procrastinating and clean up now…