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Christmas time

Christmas candle


I Love Lamp


Durban Harbour


This is the last photo of February with 10 minutes to spare… sorry it’s a bit late but I went to a gig at Zach’s on the harbour and thought I’d wait before I posted my photo of the day 🙂 Hope y’all had a fantastic Feb!

He’s Coming for You

Man with Axe

Another horror inspired photo. I got my brother to wear a coat and carry an axe down my driveway with my car in the background. The dog in the front wasn’t supposed to be there but it worked out in the end 🙂

Tell it to the sky

Once again I was experimenting with a slow shutter speed. The sky was amazing tonight and the tree in front of the streetlight created a stunning silhouette.

Rainbow at Night

I present to you my very first photo for this blog! This photo shows the exterior of my house at night time. My cat (Dazy) is posing in the foreground. I was experimenting with light, shutter speed and movement. If you click on the photo and view the larger image you can see a small rainbow on the verandah as well as the stars above.

I realised today how important it is to have your camera with you at all times. It’s not always possible, but it’s worth remembering. Just driving to work today I saw a beautiful scene that would have made an epic photograph. Some kids were playing in a giant puddle that formed when a dip in the road got flooded. I was scared to drive through but the kids cheered me on as my car ‘floated’ over a drowned speed bump. I took this as an important lesson: never leave your camera at home!