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Stork parties and the irrelevance of shoes









It is that time of my life where I’ve moved from attending 18th and 21st birthday parties to buying gifts for stork parties and weddings. I attended a stork party on Sunday and found myself wandering around a construction site taking photos of everything but the party…


Things in dusty bottles

Old dusty bottles

Thunderflash… whatever that is…

Thunderflash can

Some things we sit on


Something old


Old Dodge

Old Car

Today we went to “Cars in the Park” which is held anually in Pietermaritzburg. The exhibit consists of hundreds of cars, old and new, parked in Alexander Park for owners to show off their babies and for car enthusiasts to  drool over the buffed beauties. This old Dodge was one of my personal  favourites.

The Hand

hand on wall

The hand.