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Welcome to 2012

First day of the year











Well, it’s the 1st of January and we entered the new year with an amazing fiesta! Unfortunately it also means that my daily photographs will come to an end in 6 days. Having to face this sad truth, I decided to keep my blog going. Even though I will no longer do so on a daily basis, I will try and update it weekly. I’ll still take photos and share them with all of you. Thank you for your ongoing support!


Barely touching ground

Yellow flower in water

For Louis Daguerre

Hand above water








Today would have been Louis Daguerre’s 224th birthday. Daguerre invented the first form of permanent photography known as¬†daguerreotype.¬† This photo was taken at Makaranga in Kloof where the gardens are filled with beautiful sculptures.

Stars in the murky water

Algae in water

Diary of an internetless girl, day 10:


Floating on a warm day

Leaves on water

Ice water

Glass of water


Purple glitter